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Kristen Gonsoir, President
Amanda Dikoff, Vice President
Victoria Cuka, Secretary/Treasurer
Becky Johnson/Dean Townsend, Youth Advisors
Janet Hansen, Point Secretary

State Directors                                                          National Directors
   Shirley Wetz                                                              Debbi Holmes 
   Dean Townsend                                                         Janet Hansen
   Amanda Coulter                                                         Jim Hunt
   Jan Colton                                                                 Dean Johnson
   Becky Johnson                                                      
   Heather Sutton                                                       
   Penny Petersen                                                     
   Kristen Gonsoir                                                        
   Sheila Prins                                                           
   Amy Krueger
   Amanda Dikoff
   Meghan Peterson  
                In addition to the National Directors listed above, Georga Sutton is an AQHA Honorary Vice President; James Hootman and Mike Clites are National Directors Emeritus; Dr. R.M. Christensen, Larry Larson and James Sutton are National Directors At Large.                 



The South Dakota Quarter Horse Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and providing beneficial services and opportunities for all horse enthusiasts. Our goal is to develop our membership through educational programs, recognition programs, recreational opportunities, the monitoring of equine public policy, the fostering of industry relations, and the marketing, promotion, and publicity of the American Quarter Horse.
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